Whatever changes your company is facing, keep your work going smoothly by making sure that your productivity is improved. You can do this by constantly ensuring that any changes or material developments are incorporated is effectively as possible. CK will assist you and provide the proper support.


Track the evolution of your industry and train your staff to be even more productive

Benefits :

  • Revolutionize the way you work and improve your responsiveness
  • Use your professional equipment more productively
  • Optimize the performance of your employees, facilitate redundant administrative tasks

What training courses does CK offer?

CK Training : Our teams ensure that your internal procedures and certifications are being adhered to in managing your printing pool. These well-informed individuals boost the security of your installations. We guarantee that all of the data contained in the equipment will be deleted when the device is returned.

Online Training : We provide your users with online training. During this, they will learn all of the functionality available on your equipment (copying, printing, scanning, fax, security etc.). This service also provides access to the learning platform in Expert mode.

Specific Training : This service provides access to tailored training adapted to your particular needs. Our training ranges from learning best practices for using equipment to how to manage hardware elements, RIPs, solutions, colorimetry and so on.

Customisation Material Training : This service enables you to customise the materials provided to customers.