There are still doubts and gray areas about the relevance of your new project? Separate the technical risks, validate the last questions, demonstrate its feasibility on the basis of a concrete and preliminary realization.

We support you in the realization of the study of your projects and provide you with the necessary equipment to perform a concrete test in your environment

Benefits :

  • Accompaniment on the study and the realization of your projects
  • Providing the necessary hardware for testing in your environment

Our testing offers

We offer two possibilities of testing to answer your questions. The provision of materials by us, supplemented by the provision of one of our experts as a consultant on your projects will guarantee a tailor-made solution.

POC – Proof of Concept

Are there still doubts and grey areas about the suitability of your new project? Eliminate technical risks, confirm the last few questions, and demonstrate feasibility based on a concrete preliminary implementation.

  • Testing Service POC

Does the planned product meet your expectations and needs? Will it integrate successfully into the existing environment? We provide you with the equipment you need to perform tests and establish a proof of concept.

  • Testing Consultant POC

As well as providing equipment to create a POC, a qualified consultant will assist you on site. They will help you to establish a test procedure and integrate it into existing processes within your architecture