Entrust management of your equipment and fleet to qualified staff via outsourcing. Take advantage of major flexibility in managing your human resources and focus on your core business.

Rely on CK expertise! We provide qualified and competent technicians for your company

Benefits :

  • Installation, maintenance and repair of CK products outside of business hours.
  • Provision of an operator for the realization of your finishing and printing work.
  • A scanning operator and Scanning Project Manager are at your disposal

Our offers

Boost your efficiency and develop your activities by drawing on CK’s expertise. We provide you with high-quality technicians who guarantee to follow best practices and implement the latest market innovations.

Service Technician After Hours : This onsite service covers the installation, maintenance and repair of CK products outside of working hours.

Service Technician on Site : This service covers the presence of staff on site to perform basic (‘light’) internal work and manage the printing fleet.

Printing Operator : We provide an operator to complete your finishing and printing activities. The role of an operator is to execute the entire process, from document preparation to repackaging. The process is defined in advance by the customer.

Scanning Operator : A scanning operator is provided who is responsible for executing the entire scanning process, from document preparation to repackaging.

Scanning Delivery Manager : This service provides a production manager to supervise the entire scanning process.

Scanning Project Manager : With this service, we provide you with a project manager to set up a scanning system on the customer’s premises. This person has an IT profile and is responsible for adapting the scanning system to needs on the ground.