Take advantage of a preventative maintenance contract (installation, configuration, updating, backups etc.) for the customer’s IT fleet (PC, laptops, servers).

Remember to replace or have your computer devices checked, be proactive.

Benefits :

  • Extend the life of your device
  • Reduce costs by establishing the life of wear parts before they break and damage more expensive parts
  • To avoid a risk of breakdown and a loss of production
  • Improve working conditions with the equipment concerned

What is preventive maintenance?

This is the replacement, revision or repair of your device before it has damage. Thanks to our technical services and our device management solutions, you will be able to know when your device needs our intervention.

How does CK proceed?

Different treatments will allow us to determine the wear and prevent any real damage to your device. For this, there are internal and external treatments.

These treatments are as follows: test the device before intervention, stop the device by the user, disassembly and cleaning of the CPU cards, cleaning by suction and blower, disassembly and cleaning of the mouse, cleaning the keyboard by brushing – suction and blower, screen cleaning, anti-static treatment, connection check and cleaning of the wiring, restarting the device and test after intervention.

Benefit from a preventive maintenance contract (installation, configuration, update, backups, …) on all your computer equipment (PC, Laptop, Servers).