In addition to our preventative maintenance service, this includes urgent intervention by a systems engineer in the event of a fault, whenever the customer calls.


You notice a malfunction on your IT infrastructure? Our system engineers are at your disposal

Benefits :

  • Give a second life to your device
  • Support and monitoring of the device so that it remains efficient
  • Replacement of worn parts with new parts

What is curative maintenance ?

Unlike preventive maintenance, curative maintenance occurs when a part of a device or the device in question is already defective or damaged. Curative maintenance is usually related to the end of life of a machine or component thereof.

What’s the point ?

This is not only a procedure to dismantle and replace defective equipment with new equipment, but also to research and analyze the causes of the failure or malfunction. This procedure will allow us to understand why the device was not working properly and will promote the implementation of a prevention procedure and possible advice on its use.

In addition to the Preventive Maintenance service, this service allows the emergency intervention of a systems engineer in the event of a breakdown, simply by calling the customer.