Put on your HTC Vive or Oculus Rift headphones and wander through a virtual world with the PC on your back without wired strain. This is the experience promised by the HP Z VR Backpack PC.

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  • Compatibility with Headsets (HMD)
  • Harness and backpack made of durable mesh
  • Comfortable

Choose your visual solution – your favorite virtual reality headset or our integration of the HTC Vive BE headset or the HP Windows Mixed Reality headset. You too, adopt our first professional-grade virtual reality PC, a compact PC that fits in a lightweight backpack (only 10 lbs.) And easy to put on for the ultimate in comfort.

If the physical conditions are the same as when testing the Zotac VR Go – also a PC backpack – the application differs. Instead of playing Superhot VR, Arizona Sunshine or The Lab, the user will instead explore the details of a car being designed. HP is focused on industrial application: product development, employee training, and customer immersion are on the agenda.