Discover our NAS servers and backup solutions. Easy to use and designed for everyone, you can save your data securely and store it on the device that’s right for you.

Back up your files securely and access them easily from computers and mobile devices.

Bénéfits :

  • Synchronization and backup of files
  • Sharing and data protection
  • Storage and mobile and intuitive interface

What is a NAS server for?

A NAS server is a network attached storage server. It is a file server connected to a network whose function is to store and preserve the data. The NAS server is intended to be accessible by different network users who can store data.

Advantage of a NAS?

  • Data and information security
  • Facilitate data backup
  • Access to multiple users on a centralized server

The CK offering, the DiskStation Manager (DSM):

DiskStation Manager (DSM) is a web operating system for all Synology NAS, designed to help you manage your digital devices at home and in the office.

What the DSM offers you :

  • Synchronize files: Synchronize your files securely across multiple computers, servers, and public clouds
  • Data Backup: Back up your data to computers, mobile devices, and Synology NAS.
  • Disaster Recovery: Protect your critical data from unexpected hardware failures, natural disasters and accidental deletion.
  • Virtualization: Get a complete virtualization solution with Virtual Machine Manager
  • Productivity: Increase productivity with Office and Drive, streamline projects with Chat, set up a private messaging solution, and more.
    Multimedia: Enjoy photos, videos and music with an intuitive web and mobile interface.
  • Cloud Services: QuickConnect service and backup storage designed specifically for your Synology NAS.
  • Management: Configure, maintain, and monitor every aspect of your NAS without the help of an IT professional.
  • Data Security: Industry-leading security solutions protect your NAS from the most sophisticated threats.