Go beyond analyzing your IT fleet by analyzing the entire life cycle of IT hardware. CK Group offers you to give another dimension to your optimization approach.

Are you picky and looking for the best way to maximize your productivity? Think about optimizing your computer park

Benefits :

  • Detect the needs of your employees
  • Gain in productivity
  • Responds to security issues

Today, analyzing only the computer park is no longer sufficient. The audit focused exclusively on your IT hardware, is to focus only on capturing the moment. However, all users and their present and future needs, must be optimized to increase productivity.

You will be able :

  • Know the maturity of your employees on their digital use and office tools: do they use all the tools available? Do they know? Do they know how to use them?
  • Detect the needs of your employees (collaborative work, email management) to identify priority projects.
  • Identify if certain key document processes are to be optimized: Which document process is inefficient and impacts the productivity of my company? What are the first lines of improvement?
  • Raise the security issues: in the event of disasters in my premises, are my archives safe? Is there traceability management in relation to archival movements?
  • Detect the method applied for classification and access management: how are the documents transmitted? Is the storage of documents up to date?
  • This will provide you with leverage to initiate the dematerialization of certain document processes and to encourage users to digitize more.