With the CK Box concept, we provide you with hardware and software that meets the needs of your project.

The CK Box concept consists in providing you with the hardware and software chosen to meet the needs of your project.

  • Meets the needs of different projects
  • Adapts to your organization
  • Save time and productivity

The CK Box is a microcomputer whose technical configuration is adapted to the proper functioning of the software provided to you.

CK | search

A search engine that integrates completely into your company. The search for files becomes as simple and fast as on the internet.

CK | booklet

Software to put the pages of your booklets or magazines automatically in the right order and cut out the A3 pages in A4

CK | workflow

Allows you to optimize and secure the processes of distribution, validation and approval of your documents.

CK | invoice

Software to receive, analyze, and approve all your invoices by creating unique validation circuits.

CK | indexer

Indexing software for capturing and ranking information on your PDF documents.

CK | sender

Software to automatically send a document by email to the desired person.