Do you know the importance of your paper archives?

Find out what costs and risks are associated with their conservation !


Do you know how to assess the risks of keeping your records?

The first material risks are related to the potential destruction of archives: content that fades over time, following a fire, flood, or other climatic event; but also risks of losses related to moves or malicious action.

Beyond these risks, which can be considered as related to exceptional events, but whose severity is a major issue for the company, the most widespread risk is linked to the mismanagement of the classification of archives: in a company, more than 20% of paper documents are misclassified and unavailable, and one out of 20 paper documents is never found.

The risks associated with these document losses as well as these difficult searches are often the most important even if they are neglected by most companies. On the one hand, they entail a significant regulatory risk: in the event of a dispute with a customer, supplier or any other third party, the loss of legal documents may lead to irreversible consequences; in the event of a tax or administrative audit, only one missing document is required to lead to a lack of regulatory compliance.


On the other hand, the risk vis-à-vis the customer satisfaction is major, because a bad management of the archives impacts efficiency, speed and productivity, which deteriorates the confidence that your customers carry to you. A relationship of average quality with your customers can even encourage them to break their contract with you.

Few companies realize the importance of the costs and risks generated by the physical preservation of paper archiving.

And you, how do you manage your archives?

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Evaluate the costs of your archives!

Whether you entrust the archiving of your paper documents to an outsourced archive storage and management provider, whether you have a dedicated space within your company, office or office, or that your paper documents are scattered in different locations. your desks and cabinets, their conservation represents a significant cost center, and many risks..

For space management, costs come from space occupied, electricity charges, and related maintenance; for storage, dedicated cabinets and racking equipment must be provided. With the regulatory provisions for document retention (up to 30 years), and the activity of your business, the quantity of these documents is constantly increasing, inevitably leading to an increase in all these costs.

Beyond the material aspect, the human invoice, that is to say the time spent by your various collaborators to search, classify, keep paper documents, and train newcomers to your archiving methods. is not to neglect. On average, a company now devotes 5 to 15% of its turnover to the management of its paper documents.

In addition, the classification methods adopted are often inconsistent or incomplete and it is easy to waste time finding documents. It is recognized that an employee spends more than 300 hours per year looking for these documents and the search for an archived paper document costs up to € 20 per document. The loss of research time adds significantly to the cost of physically maintaining the records.

Service Scanning

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