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Whether you are currently in the office, at the starting point or already at home, Konica Minolta has developed for you a multitude of software that allow you to simplify your life and to be connected by continuing to your workplace

In the office

Receptionist Alice

Receptionist Alice is a touch screen visitor management system that welcomes visitors with audiovisual messages, signals their arrival to employees and allows them to communicate directly with employees at their desk or on their mobile device. This management system automates the registration of visitors on arrival and departure, badge printing and the reception process. As a result, businesses can track and manage visitors effectively.

Bizhub MarketPlace Chameleon

Thanks to bizhub MarketPlace Chameleon, employees will be able to create user interfaces, completely personalize them, and then install them on their multifunction device, all according to their preferences and the needs of their organization. Employees will improve the functionality of their multifunction device and the user experience, in particular through:

  • A reduction in the number of clicks required to perform basic operations on the MFP
  • The removal of options that are unnecessary or should not be changed by end users;
  • Highlighting the primary functions;
  • Personalization of the multifunction device according to the brand standards of their organization.

On the go


FileAssist provides a fully scalable solution that processes document management so that information can be viewed, shared, maintained and stored efficiently in a secure cloud. FileAssist offers employees the flexibility they need not only to adapt to their needs, but also to have transparent access between mobile, multifunctional devices and the Web client from anywhere and anytime.

From home

The Double 2 telepresence robot

Konica Minolta is transforming the business world with technology that enables companies to work smarter, more productively and more collaboratively. The Double 2MD, a self-balancing two-wheeled robot to which an iPad is attached, also participates in this mission: the device helps teleworkers and remote employees to get closer to their colleagues by offering them a physical and real presence where they can't go in person.

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