Security is a key factor for modern companies that rely on computers. Our security systems are there to prevent information leaks and ensure that only appropriate staff have access to confidential information.

It is vital that your company protects data and secures sensitive information.


  • Confidentiality of access
  • Availability and security of your resources
  • The protection of your data

Data breaches have become a serious problem for many companies in recent years, with widespread media coverage of data theft and hacking, damaging the finances and reputations of various companies across the world.

At CK, we know that data protection is vital for any company.

In the modern business world, data security is vitally important. Confidential data within your company may be vulnerable to theft and unauthorised access.

How can you ensure that your data is kept safe? It couldn’t be easier – just use the security pack. Its advanced functionality such as hard disk encryption, password protection for the hard disk, and automated data deletion ensures that your data will benefit from the security pack’s unrivalled protection!

Want to avoid information circulating openly in printer output trays, within view of all?

Want to reduce the risk of information leaks when your documents are handled by multiple people?

Need an effective way to control output security and identify potential leaks quickly and reliably? Trust a select top partner with the security of your data and your confidential information handling processes.