Stop wasting precious time. Digitise all of the documents passing through your company and establish automated processes and workflows.

Intelligently scan your documents and automate their processing by integrating the information recorded into a shared database


  • Mass information management
  • Automated workflows
  • Facilitate your administrative and redundant tasks
  • Extraction of important information such as typewritten texts and manuscripts, barcodes or checkboxes.



To maximise efficiency and profitability, all companies need to optimise routine office tasks as far as possible. Advanced process automation enables operators, administrators and users to focus on their primary tasks and boosts the productivity of the entire office.

These solutions help companies to rationalise their processes and save time by automating document processing, printing and routing thanks to customisable workflows. Complete upgradability and the assurance that document processing and printing routines will be executed in the background with minimum manual intervention mean that these applications are perfect for any organisation.

Document capture and management

Our document capture and management solutions make your administrative activities easier and eliminate redundant tasks. They stop your staff having to waste precious time on finding documents and sending them to other colleagues and services. Automated workflows prevent the need for user intervention and rationalise internal routines. Document sending is instant, improving operational processes and boosting effectiveness.